Protect & Control your Company Data with Enterprise File Sync and Share

In this age of mobile information, people want to share, store, and backup data all the time. If your company doesn’t have an adequate solution, workers may find their own ways of managing information, relying especially on the public cloud. But consumer cloud solutions lack the safeguards required for a robust enterprise file sync and share solution. Sensitive information, security concerns, traceability problems, and regulatory issues can all make for a pretty stormy environment.

So how do you let mobile workers use their laptops, smartphones, and tablets to access, collaborate, and backup information without undermining IT, risk & compliance and security requirements? With 365Vault Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution, we help make mobile information work for you by enabling seamless and automatic access to documents, files, and shared folders, all while helping safeguard data.

Access information from any device and sync files across all of your devices so you can work productively, virtually anytime, anywhere. Collaborate 24/7 by sharing the latest files. It’s as easy as a link in your email, and transfer large files without the hassles, limits, or extra steps of FTPs. With our solution, powered by StoneFly, you can automatically backup documents in real time, which means if your computer dies, you can access and recover your files from another device and never miss a bit of data.

Control and security are critical to information management. Single Sign-On, external sharing restrictions, powerful administration tools, and integration with SharePoint, all help safeguard data and make it available to access.

365Vault provides an enterprise alternative to personal file sync and share accounts, so your IT owns, controls, and protects your data. That means better governance and policy management. Cloud-based accessibility helps assure mobile workers get the data they need virtually anywhere, anytime, from any device, making sharing and collaboration easier.

FTP and email get rolled into one robust solution with no file size restrictions, and scalable cloud storage reduces the need for additional hardware and installation. Contact us to learn more about 365Vault Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution powered by StoneFly.


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