Why choose 365Vault enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution?

Because of their ease of use and ubiquitous nature, public cloud file sharing solutions such as Dropbox have become the go-to technology for knowledge workers to access their files anywhere, and share files with their customers and business partners. Yet, enterprise IT departments discourage the use of consumer file-sharing services because of the potential risk of data breach and loss of control of confidential client information.

With these challenges in mind, StoneFly, an enterprise-class products provider developed 365Vault, an enterprise file sync and share solution that’s intuitive and easy to use but with the enterprise controls and security that are critical to data protection and regulatory compliance.

365Vault enterprise file sync and share solution features

cloud file-sharing services

365Vault is compatible with many private and public clouds as external storage including Microsoft Azure cloud, Amazon AWS, Google and many more. 365Vault comes with strong encryption, user authentication and tracking of all file synchronization and sharing activity. 365Vault features include a web interface, Windows and Mac desktop clients and mobile app that allows access to files anywhere and in anytime.

Automatic syncing of all folder creation and updates to the users’ desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Multiple collaboration options to share files and folders with external parties, permanent transaction logs with the ability to search for auditing and regulatory compliance and comprehensive reporting that allows users to manage folder and file sharing transactions and administrators to set policy and monitor usage.

  1. Clients

Public cloud file-sharing services have achieved success in the consumer market because they are easy to use. StoneFly’s 365Vault enterprise file sync and share design objective is to maintain this simple and intuitive user interface while also providing the tools that IT needs.

With the windows client, you simply access your files as you normally would. Any files stored and synchronized folders are automatically synced with all your other computers and devices. If you’re on the mac, it’s the same.

For mobile users you can see all your files on your phone or tablet. You can view files, rename them, delete them or share them right from the app. Files are encrypted while on the mobile device as well.

  1. Web Administration

You can manage users, run reports and customize the application. The system activity report shows all transactions and can be filtered by date range and search string.

  1. Security

365Vault employs several layers of security. All communications between the user and the server are protected using SSL encryption. And all files stored on the server are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. All file names and metadata are obfuscated to protect against unauthorized access, and all user passwords are stored in encrypted format.


365Vault delivers:

  1. Strong security to protect confidential data and support regulatory compliance.
  2. An architecture that supports enterprise deployment.
  3. A simple user interface that offers a viable alternative to unsanctioned public cloud applications
  4. A mix of security and ease of use that will meet the enterprise file sync and share requirements of knowledge workers and IT alike.

We’re happy to work with you one-on-one, let you try the application in your own environment and see if it fits your needs. Contact us today and start your 365Vault free trial.


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