Backup and Replication to AWS Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure using Veeam

In the digital economy it’s all about speed. How fast can you respond to the needs of your customers, how fast can you take a great idea and bring it to market? If you don’t have a way to speed up time to market and ensure that your business services are always fast and always on you could be squarely in the crosshairs of your competition.


Veeam and StoneFly offer customers of all sizes protection of on-site VMs, applications and data, extending recovery options from on premises backups to hybrid cloud based models including both private cloud and public cloud options of Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud storage. Veeam cloud connect backup to Azure using StoneFly Cloud Storage in Azure enables IT administrators to confidently meet service level agreements (SLAs) and deliver RTOs and RPOs (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for ALL data and applications with file backup sizes in larger than 1TB in size.

Veeam helps drive digital transformation by simplifying the process for ensuring performance, availability and data protection across application workloads. Veeam and StoneFly Cloud Connect for backup and replication in AWS (Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage) or Microsoft Azure help organizations provide recovery point and recovery time objectives of under 15 minutes for all data and applications and do so with no impact to production storage performance. This means that businesses can get more value out of their investments while gaining the peace of mind that their application services will always run blazingly fast and will be always on even when the unexpected occurs.

For example, with Veeam’s instant VM recovery feature, IT admins can restart failed application services directly from Azure storage snapshots in seconds and minutes. And through Veeam’s Explorer for storage snapshots, backup admins can granularly recover individual exchange items, lost or deleted user files and even perform object-level recoveries from sequel and Oracle – helping to speed up data recoveries and save time.

In addition through Veeam’s on-demand sandbox capabilities, organizations can leverage their investments and secondary storage systems to do dev/tests, perform application troubleshooting and test Microsoft patch changes and other updates all on near real-time data that is totally isolated from production systems in the cloud through the StoneFly Cloud Connect. All these features speed up application development, shortened time to market and further improve business application uptime and availability all while mitigating risk.

With Veeam data loss avoidance and StoneFly Cloud Connect for backup and replication, it has never been easier to make backup-and-recovery with hybrid cloud a part of your business continuity plan. Veeam Cloud Connect backup to AWS gets your backups securely to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage through StoneFly and eliminates the need for more on-site hardware.


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