Why the Oil & Gas Big data Industry Needs Scale-Out NAS Storage

Oil and Gas industry relies heavily on the management of information. With the constant increase in data generation, data management is becoming an impossible task. Not to mention, there’s a constant need for more storage space, as each element of the data is crucial. With work environments that include working in remote areas, the inaccessibility of data due to the distance from data centers proves to be a cancer to efficiency of operations. Hence it becomes imperative for the industry to explore means to store and access data efficiently and that is where Scale-out NAS storage comes in.

The Need for Scale Out NAS

network attached storage

With distributed oil fields and branch offices located in different regions, the flow of data becomes a time consuming task and also an inefficient one when using conventional means. High availability of data is crucial to ensure smooth operations and in-time decision making. What the network attached storage (NAS) does is that it provides a storage space that hosts all these files and makes them accessible to a number of clients over a network. With Stonefly’s Scale-out NAS appliances, it ensures an efficient and encrypted transmission of data. So the data moves in a less time consuming way and is also secure while it moves. The data flow however, is not the only issue for the industry.

Hosting and sharing the files over a network is something any NAS appliance can do. This begs the question, why scale out NAS then? Oil companies process TeraBytes(TB) of data generated from geothermal processing, seismic interpretation, earth modeling, reservoir analysis accompanied with the media and other operational data of the industry, office branch or remote site itself. So that’s a constant stream of big data that continues to grow. Therefore, the industry doesn’t just require a huge storage to being with. It requires a huge storage that can grow infinitely, just like the data. This is why it needs scale out NAS.

Scale-Out NAS is the Solution to All Problems

When you consider Stonefly’s scale out NAS appliances, you realize that they are exactly what the Oil and Gas industry needs. They can ensure high availability of data, they are capable of keeping the data secure, they are capable of securing the data while transmission, they can continue hosting the data while being repaired, they can expand to an infinite storage space through a simple plug and play hardware, and they really have no limitations to how much they can expand. Basically, all the issues that one can think up pertaining to the big data of the Oil and Gas industry, it’s exactly what these NAS appliances have.

Stonefly offers detailed information about their scale-out NAS appliances and their services. If you are unsure of which appliance is best suited for your storage needs, we can recommend one for you. Stonefly’s NAS appliances come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re a huge Oil and Gas industry, Stonefly can address your needs. If you’re a single person, thinking of using reliable storage devices for your needs, Stonefly can address your needs as well.


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