Simplify Data Protection with the StoneFly DR365 Backup Appliance

The Stonefly DR365™ is a customizable appliance node capable of providing backup from a few TeraBytes to 2.5 PetaBytes, and supports any combinations of nearline SAS, enterprise SAS, and SSD storage tiers. Due to its customer oriented features and trust worthy security features, the Stonefly DR365 is acknowledged as a reliable, convenient and effective enterprise backup appliance. The StoneFly DR365™ backup appliance comes in all shapes and sizes and accommodates backup for various mainstream Virtual Machines (VMs) like SQL, Exchange and Sharepoint. Basically, the appliance is armed to the teeth with amazing features.

What the StoneFly DR365™ backup appliance offers?

The StoneFly DR365™ enterprise backup appliance is capable of reliable and speedy image based backup, without the need for agents. This reduces the storage and backup costs considerably and enables the consumers to have shorter backup windows. The DR365 appliances use advanced application-aware processing to create application consistent image level backups. And they reduce RPOs thus generating really fast backups. With the help of WAN acceleration, the StoneFly DR365™ backup appliance can get data offsite 50 times faster. It also improves Remote office/Branch office (ROBO) backup and recovery for the enterprise. And that’s not all, the best part is that it provides a scale-out backup repository with unlimited space along with a simplified GUI (graphical user interface) to manage it.

There’s end-to-end encryption protecting the data during the backup process with Veeam cloud connect; hence providing reliable, fast and secure cloud backup to public cloud including Microsoft Azure of Amazon AWS Cloud. The backup appliance also ensures that the data is recoverable at any instant, automatically. To reduce backup storage costs, it also employs deduplication and compression.


Recover data swiftly from the Cloud Backup

The DR365™ enterprise backup appliance restores individual files, VMs and application really fast ensuring that the user is carefree when it comes to the security of their data. It is capable of giving the customer low recovery time objectives of less than 15 minutes. In case of a disaster, it enables you to restore in minutes from the latest backup while you extract the backup and copy it to production. Once you restore, you can use a number of programs to move the VMs to production storage.

The recovery features encompasses 19 common file systems used by various operating systems (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Novell, Solaris, and Unix). Other high speed recovery features are inclusive of but not limited to:

  • VM file and disk recovery.
  • Direct restore to Microsoft Azure.
  • Instant file recovery.
  • Full VM recovery.

Veeam StoneFly Azure

Replication: Ensuring speed, recovery and availability for the enterprise

The customer gets two kinds of image based VM replication: onsite and offsite. The onsite replication ensures high availability whereas the offsite replication secures disaster recovery. With the Veeam cloud connect the customer can extend to the cloud and gain access to fast, secure and fully integrated disaster recovery (DR). The user can also choose to add WAN acceleration into the mix and acquire offsite replication speed up to 50x faster. And just like how it automatically verified recoverability, the backup appliance also automatically verifies replication. And with the help of replication using backups, the customer can remove the strain on their production environment.



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