Transforming Financial Services through Cloud Backup Solutions

Losses of such important data can be devastating for businesses and consumers alike. The users in the banking sector have realized the importance of virtualization and cloud technologies to always keep their business running. Users across all platforms are shifting from traditional legacy backup solutions to the partnership of StoneFly and Veeam which provides comprehensive disaster recovery solutions.

Storage Problems Faced by the Banking Sector

Adoption of innovative technology is making the world a better place to live in. Indeed it has helped the people in every sector to gain access to those services which were very distant in the past. However, rapid growth is also bringing with itself problems. The banking sector is facing many problems related to storage.

data protection

Demands of the customers and complexities of IT-infrastructure are making work tiring for banks. The added amount of burden due to aggressive retention standards are further creating more problems for banks. Banks are finding it difficult to store and protect the increasing amounts of sensitive data.

Regulation of banking data protection and compliance is increasing day by day. Governments are not allowing for any loopholes to be exploited and audits are requiring for rigorous work to be done with demanding standards in place. Banks are also challenged with continuous execution of annual disaster recovery testing which uses up a lot of resources of the banks.

Third-party encryption services are making data security matters complicated because of the lack of trust. Banks cannot bear any downtime in today’s world because the exposure of confidential-data put the banks in very weak positions legally. Huge fines are imposed on banks if such data is exposed which causes loss of profitability for banks.

Storage of banks is done with Remote Office, Branch Office (ROBO) centralization which is helpful, but consumes a high amount of bandwidth and resources which can be saved by using latest technologies.

Veeam and StoneFly: Cloud Backup Solutions That Soar High

The partnership between Veeam and StoneFly is providing customers with cloud backup solutions which meet the availability needs of the modern data center. The integration has taken upon itself to cater to the needs of every customer. The problems of the banking sector are also being resolved rapidly.

Backup and replication

  • Data availability through a transparent infrastructure with complete visibility: As a user, you can easily evaluate the performance of your infrastructure with resource optimization and configuration tracking being provided to you. The problems related to infrastructure complexities are resolved with configurations being applicable for all banking practices. Continuous real-time monitoring and alerting helps the banks protect their sensitive data.
  • Simplified, automated and built-in disaster recovery to save time and money: The problems related to disaster recovery are being resolved with the built-in disaster recovery testing provided by Veeam and StoneFly. This is done through SureBackup and SureReplica technologies. Backup and replication is made ever easy. There is assurance of low recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTPO) of <15 minutes for all applications and data as well as added simplicity in providing the proof-of compliance through automated reporting.
  • Data Recovery without Compromising Security: The partnership provides great level of security of data which can be trusted. Backup and replication uses end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption which makes sure that the negative impacts on compression are also negated.
  • Single pane-of-glass management: The backup and recovery times of financial organizations in remote environments have decreased with the advanced ROBO features provided by the partnership. It ensures that there is greater speed in the work being done while reducing WAN bandwidth consumption to make sure resources are not wasted.

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