8 Reasons: Why Use Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

You have a sophisticated IT system that, keeps your business running. The technology keeps you competitive. You and your customers rely on your data. So you have to take precautions to protect your data by backing it up and maybe even sending it off-site. But, imagine what would happen if, a disaster makes your entire system inoperable. Even if your data can be retrieved from another location, how long would it take to rebuild your entire IT infrastructure? It can take weeks, to get back up and running. Yet in today’s business world little can be done without technology and communication tools. Ask yourself how much an hour of loss productivity would cost your company a day a week? Here’s a good news with Cloud Backup Services, you will have a complete up-to-date standby IT system, located in a secure data center facility. The Cloud Backup Solutions will mirror your internal IT environment in case of a disaster that affects your primary infrastructure

The Disaster Recovery in the Cloud the data can be recovered online in minutes and will be accessible to your employees’ vendors and customers. Business Recovery Plan is also provided to you which can be used for regulatory compliance. Cloud Based Backup is useful only if you can failover to it when needed. The Cloud Backup Solutions will work with you to provide you with best backup and disaster recovery.

Top 8 Reasons Why Use Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery        

Cloud disaster recovery is a backup and restore approach that, involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in a cloud computing environment as a security measure. The goal of cloud backup is to deliver an organization with a way to recover data, in the event of a man made or natural catastrophe.

  1. It automatically protects your data without the necessity for expensive on-site hardware and administrative overhead.
  2. The OpEX model (versus CapEX) used in Cloud Backup Solutions permit enterprises to pay only for what is used, refining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  3. Reliable, durable, fast and cost-effective data recovery permitted by an enterprise-grade multi-region public cloud infrastructure.
  4. Your data can be is completely encrypted in transit and at rest with no vendor access to your data.
  5. Cloud Backup eliminates the necessity to duplicate your production system in full at a secondary company managed data center. DR is obtainable on request in the Cloud Based Service
  6. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud includes replication to virtual machines can be transferred to any global location, making spin-up in the event of disaster effectual.
  7. With virtual machines replicated off-site, system downtime (and its resulting influence on productivity) can be reduced to minutes.
  8. Cloud Backup Services permit enterprises to store, replicated virtual machines to multiple different storage regions for even better protection and redundancy.

Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions provides you with 24 by 7 monitoring of your production system so you know if there is a problem immediately it is handled. Get your Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions now

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