StoneFly Scale-Out Storage Gateway for Microsoft Azure

With rapid technological advancement, cloud backup has become a need of every big organization. Needs have emerged to keep data stored for longer periods of time; users have realized the importance of disaster recovery in the cloud. StoneFly partnered with Microsoft Azure provides state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Remote Replication from On-Premise Appliance

The partnership specializes in backup and replication. It provides appropriate backup and disaster recovery solutions by extending to the public cloud provided by Microsoft Azure Storage.

azure scale out

You can easily replicate the data from your physical or virtual StoneFly iSCSI of FC SAN storage appliances to StoneFly cloud storage hosted in Microsoft Azure. This gives you the added ways of having quick one or more disaster recovery sites for your important data. Data backup to Microsoft Azure ensures that you as a user save a great deal on the capital expenses with the Scale-out storage. As a user, you have the ability to add more storage space as you require and pay only for the amount of storage space consumed.

On-Premises Cloud Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache for Microsoft Azure

StoneFly cloud storage acceleration gateway with flashcache on the local network of the user helps in achieving great levels of performance of StoneFly cloud storage. You are provided with great acceleration with the appliance configured to cache; helping in achieve great speed in the transfer of data from your local systems to Microsoft Azure.

StoneFly Gateway helps in eliminating the bottlenecks of low transfer speed over the internet as compared to the local area network as it provides acceleration. All the features are established to make sure that gateways are speedy in backing up data to Microsoft Azure.

Veeam Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure

azure scale out 2

Stonefly, Veeam and Microsoft Azure have partnered up to provide users with fast backup and replication. Veeam uses a multi-tenant approach where the data from all the users is safely stored in Microsoft Azure Storage using Veeam replication to Azure. WAN acceleration is also put in place to ensure that the data travels at the lowest speed with minimum latency. The Veeam restore to Microsoft Azure further makes sure that the data is safe and sound to fulfill future needs.

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