3 Major features of StoneFly SCVM key to solve storage challenges.

We are often told that on-premises infrastructures are tried-and-true but what they show you is simply the tip of the iceberg. There are hidden costs with on-premise tools that invalidate its benefits. The overwhelming amount of hidden costs could sink your company. Using cloud-based services as an IT management tool is the solution. You see everything up front and here’s the silver lining you save money. Mainly cloud computing is delivery of hosted services over the internet. The trend of cloud computing is at the peak these days.

To ensure data backup and data recoverability with keeping intact the security of data, companies are now moving towards the cloud. According to the survey by Right Scale, 96% of the respondents are using cloud; Public cloud adoption increased to 92 percent in 2018 from 89 percent in 2017 and Private cloud adoption increased to 75 percent in 2018 from 72 percent in 2017.


For a good backup and disaster recovery plan, you require a vendor who is smart and efficient in providing the best cloud based services to your enterprise. StoneFly is one the companies which are providing customized cloud based solution just for you. There is a famous product of StoneFly “SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance which is claimed to provide an enterprise cloud storage solution that lowers costs. It consolidates storage infrastructure. It automates data management across the enterprise, accelerates disaster recovery, improves compliance and enhances IT agility to support core business.

Solving the 3 Major Challenges of Enterprises with StoneFly SCVM:

  1. Move Big Data to the Cloud:

You can solve the issue of growing data needs, with SCVM. Data is growing each passing day and the challenge is to manage the data in your current data storage strategy. On-premise is too expensive/complicated for the enterprises and public cloud services don’t give you the performance you need. When you have a concern about fast increase in data production of your enterprise, cloud vendor provides you offline data migration options which leads to increased downtime and slowing down migration process. Here is when StoneFly is here to help, you can use StoneFly SCVM to migrate live production data to the cloud, keeping application data changes synchronized, so you can move to the cloud at your own pace without downtime or expensive migrations.

  1. Protect your Enterprise Data with Erasure Coding:

The stored data is often vulnerable to data corruption. With the feature of erasure coding you can effectively protect your data and recover your data. Through Erasure coding the data is broken down in configurable number of parts and distributed those parts across different storage arrays. Even if a disaster occurs the data is recovered in no time.

  1. Reduce Data Storage Space with Deduplication:

When it comes to data, it occupies large spaces which leads to slow sharing, slow data backups and more downtime. With deduplication the huge storage space is eliminated by creating redundant copies of your data. The process removes the duplicate and adds a reference point to the original data. StoneFly SCVM delivers the enterprise level deduplication services and remove duplicates and keep single copy of data. This enhances storage utilization rates and reduces cost implications of unnecessary storage resources.

Enterprises face many problems and each problem is different from the other. You can read more about SCVM. Get hands on your customized cloud storage solution right now. Get your

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