Modernize You’re Approach to Data Storage by Azure Cloud Storage

“The business managers of a modern enterprise should not have to take risk either. We must develop standard cloud metrics and ROI models, so that they can have instruments to measure success.” – Dr. Chris Harding, director for interoperability and SOA at The Open Group

Undoubtedly, cloud is modernizing data storage capabilities of today’s businesses storage needs. Because, after all, why would anyone want to invest in those expensive hardware and its maintenance when you can have more space in the cloud? Azure cloud storage is one such deliverer of cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage gives 24.7.365 data storage service without any worry of continuous upgrades. Cloud storage solutions are and will be providing remarkable storage options. Perhaps, the biggest advantage that companies are taking out of cloud storage is of cost.

Cloud is a force multiplier in terms of storage:

Cloud storage solution is a force multiplier for the automation of IT environment, modernizing data security and scalability. Azure cloud storage leverages new capabilities to drive business solutions by providing a cloud storage environment which is:

  • Durable
  • Securer
  • Scalable
  • Manageable
  • Accessible


What Azure cloud storage brings to your business?

Businesses are no longer confined to a building. They are ever expanding and so their data. Currently, companies are moving to cloud storage solutions for the sake of business growth. While, there are many cloud storage solutions one can go for, Azure cloud storage is generally known for providing robust cloud storage solutions for your enterprise.

· Durability/full time accessibility:

With Azure cloud storage, one can have data redundancy. This makes sure that data is durably stored and full time accessible even in case of failures and attacks. Previous traditional architectures lacked this capability of data redundancy.

With Azure cloud storage, you can replicate data across data centers located on different geographical locations. Data stored this way is highly available like routine even in unexpected outages. Azure cloud storage replicates multiple copies of your data through different replication options.

· Data security:

Azure cloud storage offers encryption feature. It gives encryption at rest and client side encryption. Azure cloud storage encryption feature meets your organizational security compliance issues.

Microsoft Azure invests $1 billion annually in cyber security research and development. This amount of investment delivers market leading data security service to its customers.

Azure cloud storage

· Allows storage to be easily manageable:

Microsoft Azure cloud storage solution allows data to be easily managed and stored. Unlike traditional storage infrastructures, Azure cloud storage modernizes your IT storage architecture by upgrading updates and critical issues for you automatically.

· Easily accessible:

With Azure cloud storage data is accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS.

· Data scalability:

Azure cloud storage offers data scalability. Companies can easily scale up and out their existing servers according to the data storage needs. There is no limit on storage capacity and you can increase your storage capacity with performance proportionally.

How moving to cloud storage is good?

Moving to cloud storage brings out fruitful results to the growth of business. With traditional infrastructures, companies deal with the challenges of:

  • Longer downtimes: 4 times longer than switching to cloud storage
  • Lack of flexibility while adding up more amount of data or dealing in certain unexpected mishaps. Cloud storage gives flexibility with a scalable architecture.
  • There is more upgrading and implementation costs associated with old storage methods.
  • With cheap upgrade costs and less hardware, moving to Azure cloud storage is a cost effective solution which reduces overall IT expenditures.


With these points, now is the time for many enterprises to join the crowd. Azure cloud storage is a way to maximize your resources and profits out of your data. Cloud storage solutions are definitely modernizing today’s world of data which we see as digitally upgraded

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