Cloud disaster recovery and business continuity go hand in hand

Disasters are unpredictable. They are uncontrollable. Disasters can be power failure, natural disasters, system crashes or more which are a serious threat to your business data. Ensuring organization’s ability to work well through it is important. Where do cloud disaster recovery solutions stand in dealing with interruptions of any kind? Let’s read-on in this article to know more about this.

The cost of dealing with disasters:

Definitely, nobody wants to have more loss than profit. Operational and economic costs because of disaster can cause a great setback to a company. A survey shows that one hour of downtime can cause loss of $8000 to small companies and almost $74,000 to mid-sized organizations and almost $700,000 to large enterprises. This makes it very clear how important it is to have a disaster recovery solution.

But the question is, what features to look for when opting for a cloud disaster recovery option for any enterprise?

Top priority features of cloud disaster recovery solutions for business continuity:

Flexibility, security, scalability, and efficiency is what counts the most for good cloud disaster recovery solutions.  With decreased costs and better scalability, one will rest assured that organizations’ data is safe all the time and will be readily recovered.  It depends on how your cloud disaster recovery solution replicates your data so the unnecessary files are not transferred back again and consume space.

Cloud disaster recovery solutions like of StoneFly automates data backup to secure cloud backup and recovery application. Cloud disaster recovery solutions come with powerful features like

Security- supports encryption types which secure data on transmissions.

Scalability- provide scalability for accommodating ever increasing data of companies.

Flexibility – supports various platforms, Operating Systems (Oss) and deployment models

Efficiency- increases efficiency by providing simple and reliable architecture.


How do cloud disaster recovery solutions help to recover your data?

Cloud Disaster recovery solutions like StoneFly CDR365 can help recover data in case of any disaster. Business continuity ensures that your organization keeps on working in case of not only natural catastrophe but small disruptions as well. Apart from data compliance, protection, cloud disaster recovery solutions make:

Data readily available:

Automating backup and DR solutions to your sudden disaster hacks will make sure that data is available. Within a few minutes of any disaster, you will get a copy of your data recovered without your end users/ clients noticing it.

Employees’ productivity and Preserve Company’s reputation:

A downtime can negatively affect an organization’s and its employees’ productivity. Whether it is a usual operation, sending and receiving emails, accessing important data, cloud disaster recovery solutions play a key role in dealing with such situations. If you have cloud disaster recovery setup, business can quickly get back on its feet and start chugging along.

A business without proper recovery solution is asking for trouble itself. No company should ever allow this to happen. Disruption because of data loss has lots of negative effects on a company. Therefore, businesses should have:

  • Plan for backup
  • A backup routine
  • Testing backup periodically

to ensure data availability in any case.

Final words:

Businesses are convinced now to implement disaster recovery solution. Survey suggests that only 21% of SMEs have full recovery plan. Disaster recovery and business continuity are closely related in keeping what matters most to an organization. Having a good backup and recovery plan reduces odds in any business allowing it to work smoothly as usual. Cloud Service Provider like StoneFly is a perfect platform to go for when choosing right solution for your business data recovery needs.

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