Exploring latest trends of cloud backup technology

Automation is entrenching in the cloud backup industry:

Everybody wants to have a user-friendly cloud backup service. As 2019 further unfolds, data automation service is expected to become more common in terms of cloud backup strategies. Cloud first policy emphasizes adoption of cloud services in order to achieve operational efficiencies. Cloud has innate agility and other features to better deal with business data and processes. Further exploration of cloud backup technology leads us to understand its importance in the market. Let’s see how

  • Automation:

Automation in cloud backup is changing digital world. Automated storage tiering allows demotion or progression of data with the help of embedded software. It causes optimization of data backup and storage. Today most businesses and companies are using cloud automation tool to process their operations at lightning fast speed.

Automation provides efficiency and reliability, down to the last minute. It gives you reliability of knowing that your data is always there. Automated backups in cloud will let you do your complicated tasks without any interruption because of the flexibility it gives.

  • Artificial intelligence role:

Artificial intelligence is protecting today’s IT environments. It is leading to optimal performance and much resource saving. Recent developments in this regard use artificial intelligence by employing machine learning algorithms that simplifies your business operations. Three big cloud technologies for AI systems are Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Artificial intelligence

  • Remote management:

Cloud backup enables your IT managers to remotely access your data from a multiple distributed and connected resources. The process of regular checkups without any human interruptions are less prone to errors. It makes sure that data integrity is maintained through the backend process.

  • Granular recovery:

Although, not a new topic in cloud backup, granular recovery is giving technical benefits to enhance your business. It not only helps in recovering a specific part. Granular recovery will be important where full recovery of data is not required and there is limited storage capacity. Limited time and budget are other considerations which granular management of cloud backup gives. It gives recovery of your desired data in a single operation without wasting your money and time.

The role of gateways:

People want an all in one solution with a hyperconverged environment for backup. Business and organizations will always be in need of a suitable solutions to connect their cloud storage servers with on-premise data centers.

Gateways are approach for integrating existing data storage resources like iSCSI, NAS or SAN storage and enhance data protection further. Gateways like StoneFly BG365 optimizes backup gives an efficient solution for data processing workflows. It is compatible with all famous backup software.


With growing demands for data protection, consumers are more concerned with having a suitable and secure option for data backup. That is why, cloud backup, especially the private ones with its latest trends are becoming a hot topic among business and organizations. Automation, artificial intelligence, granular recovery and remote management are the features making cloud backup a robust solution in every organization.

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