Reason for retail business to invest in Azure cloud storage technology.

Many companies including those of retail ones are upgrading to cloud for ensuring speedy business operations. One such case is Azure cloud storage which provides upgraded cloud storage solutions to its retail customer, Chronodrive.

Retail business is undergoing immense disruption and changes. The emergence of electronic shopping has changed is replacing older methods of shopping. With this, businessmen are more concerned how shoppers make purchases. Cloud storage platform ensures reliable network, flexible storage and powerful computing for accomplishing daily retail tasks efficiently.

cloud storage

What Azure cloud storage is doing in retail?

Azure cloud storage is a cloud computing environment which provides agile, competitive and viable storage solutions in cloud. Since its inception, Azure cloud storage has managed to create and host applications for driving businesses in different fields.

The transformational force of cloud storage solutions is shaping retail market in a new form. Microsoft Azure storage partnered with Chronodrive for providing excellent and up-to-date retail services managed in the cloud.

“We liked the fact that Microsoft is constantly adding new Azure services. The company also frequently upgrades its servers, which ensures that we are always using the latest technology,” says Anthony Lewkowicz, Technical Architect and Chief Information Security Officer at Chronodrive.

With companies seeing significant decrease in the costs of running their IT related operations, Azure cloud storage is becoming a prime example of efficient cloud storage solutions. How cloud storage solutions are revolutionizing retail market and what further can be expected? Let’s read on this article and find out.

Halving processing time:

With cloud storage solutions specifically with Azure cloud storage, processing time is halved than before. Cloud storage significantly increases operations by high IOPs and almost halving processing time. Azure cloud storage delivers high IOPS with more number of Megabytes per second depending on the need. In addition to IOPs, cloud storage, because of faster operations, reduces time taken for any monthly calculations from several hours to just few.

What Azure cloud storage is

Better business agility with cloud services:

Azure cloud storage handles customers’ communication through application server and suppliers’ communication through virtual server. Azure cloud storage brings data agility to retail services along with data security and replication. This reliable cloud storage infrastructure gives industry the flexibility it needs in order to be a successful one in the market.

“We can install a new application in Azure in less than one day. With Azure cloud storage, we have the infrastructure flexibility and agility that we need to be successful.” Lewkowicz says.

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