Why the legal industry should consider cloud backup service?

Why data integrity is important?

The legal industry is a fast-paced industry and also demands greater data accessibility which includes sensitive data of different clients. To avoid data loss and crashes, cloud backup services have to be integrated into the data systems of legal firms to keep large and sensitive data in a secure place.

A survey  from the American Bar Association found that 30.7% of all law firms and 62.8% of big law firms reported that clients provided them with security requirements in order to land their business. According to Statista, a survey in 2017 showed that 77 percent of the law firms stated that they will increase their use of cloud based solutions for data security. This shows that cloud backup services are becoming important part of legal firms with each passing day.
Data security is critical for lawyers. Loss of legal data is different from enterprises because it is built on reputation management. Once it’s most sensitive data is out, it can make legal firms to pay huge fines and sums.

cloud backup services

Why you can’t solely rely on-premise backup solutions for storing law firm’s data?

Relying solely on on premise storage is never a good idea. However, if it implements 3-2-1 rule of storage, you can have backup readily available on different storage Medias. But, getting up to cloud for data backup and recovery is good for the reasons like:

On premise is costly in terms of hardware:

Existing on-premise data backup solutions leave gaps and holes in data protection and backup. Adding more and more capacity often requires more hardware. This physical hardware storage then requires management, upfront payments and cooling costs. Eliminating expensive disks and tapes solutions for backup is necessary for a safer and less costly data backup and recovery.

More recovery time:

Some on premise backup and recovery solutions take many hours and even weeks to recover data completely. However, for cloud backups, it just takes few minutes to hours for full recovery of your lost data. With cloud backup and recovery, there is less RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) associated.

How cloud backup service is important for legal industry?

Supplement existing on premise backup solution and replace them entirely with the cloud backup services. Services like Veeam cloud connect back up to Azure provides lower cost backup service while being scalable and reliable for maximum coverage. Other cloud backup services which are important for the legal industry are;


Most of cloud backups are compliant for data security rules of industries like legal, government and healthcare. FedRAMP, HIPAA/HITRUST are some rules and regulations for data security. These industry compliant backup solutions sets up safer and up to date data backup and recovery solutions.

No hardware management:

Cloud typically becomes a cheaper option in terms of hardware management. But, that is not the only feature for data security of legal firms. Cloud backups have data centers and servers which have tight security and surveillance to ensure safety of data every time.


End to end encryption for data security:

Cloud backup services give an end to end encryption for avoiding data interception and misusage of sensitive data by attackers. They have encryptions like AES 256 and tunneling feature to allow secure transfer of data to and from servers.


Client information is crucial in legal firms and one must make sure that data is secured all time. Data breach has liabilities, and to avoid them is to take such initial steps which can keep your data protected with cloud backup services.

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