How can Cloud Backups protect your patient’s critical data?

Hospitals and healthcare providers need to make sure that their patient’s data is always protected. Data loss will lead to chaos as patient records and history will be lost and without any history, they cannot be treated as well as expected. Other than this they need to maintain HIPAA compliance and this can only be done by maintaining their data on backups.


Cloud Backups

After briefly explaining why keeping cloud backups are important, let’s discuss the benefits.

  • More reliable than tape backups

Tape backups have become a thing of the past now. Nowadays, more and more people are moving to the cloud due to its many benefits. To highlight this one, lets imagine that your regular tape backup has be corrupted or damaged, there is no way of recovering data from it then. Cloud backups solves this problem as they are always available and data is ready to recovered at any time.


  • Reduces Costs

Gone are the days where you need to buy expensive storage disks to back up your data. You can simply use cloud backup solutions and nullify the cost of buying tapes. Also, cloud backups can be scheduled so there is no need to hire IT staff to back up your data manually.


  • Fast Data Recovery

Data loss, for whatever reason, can be easily recovered by just a few clicks and in a matter of minutes, from anywhere in the world as compared to tape backups as it takes hours to manually recover data from each tape.


  • Better Security

Cloud backups are more secure than tape backups. Unlike tape backups, cloud offers basic-to-advanced encryption which protects your data from internal and external threats.


  • Scalable

It is easy to scale the cloud than a disk. Without buying any more physical storage you can easily scale a cloud for more storage space if needed where, in case of tapes, you need to buy separate tapes to gain more storage space.


  • Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud backups can be leveraged to be used in a cloud disaster recovery plan. Whether you want to setup a disaster recovery appliance or cloud based disaster recovery solution, cloud backups can be used to leverage it. Through this, you can protect your data from cyber-attacks and natural disasters. And, recover your data in a matter of minutes in an event of a disaster, even remotely.



With so many cyber-attacks and threats, backing up data has become a need nowadays, especially for healthcare providers and hospitals as they need to be HIPAA compliant at the same time as well and cloud backup solutions help them achieve that.

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