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What is data continuity!

Many of the IT professionals who are not having much of an experience in the field of data storage, but are handling the environment for various reasons might not be much aware of what data continuity is?

For this reason, here’s a link to an article which describes it to best of knowledge.

Data Continuity – The True Essence of Disaster Recovery

Hope, it helps!

Windows 10 laptops are cheaper in Thanks Giving and Black Friday deals!

Microsoft which launched its new Windows 10 operating system on July 29th, 2015 has succeeded in installing its new OS on more than 110 million devices so far. Furthermore, the software giant is expecting to increase this usage base with discounted deals offered on Thanks Giving and Black Friday.

According to our sources, Amazon is offering Windows 10 OS loaded laptops from a starting price of $450. Laptops with high configuration like an i7 processor and 8GB RAM are available for just $700 which is almost 30% discount from original price.

Lenovo and Dell laptops are on great demand on this discount filled long weekend and Acer’s Predator is also seeing high on sales.

On digging deep, Microsoft is in a plan to make all the worldwide devices working on Windows OS platforms shift to its news Win10 OS by 2018. For this reason, it is also offering a free upgrade to all its Win 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users till next year. May be it was in a thought that the free upgrade will entice all Win 7 and 8 customers to get onto the Windows 10 bandwagon by this year end.

But due to many security and privacy concerns reported in media, Windows 7 and 8 users are not that easily convinced to move to the new OS platform as expected by Microsoft. They are making a move very cautiously and some are in a “wait and watch” mode in order to isolate themselves from any kind of migration troubles.

It has to be notified over here that Lenovo and Dell customer support executives when contacted for software or hardware support are first making an enquiry with the users on whether they just migrated to new Win 10 OS. If they did, then the support staffs are either asking the customer to downgrade to the previous OS or are showing their helplessness in offering support.

For this reason, most of the users who are willing to buy a PC or laptop through thanksgiving deals or black Friday deals are showing more interest in buying either a Windows 8/8.1 Pc or a PC loaded with much popular Windows 7 operating system.

And as you all know, when the demand increases for a particular products, the OEMs start tagging the price of those goods at mountain high. That is why, Laptops which are pre-loaded with Windows 7(only few are available) and Windows 8/8.1 are being offered at high prices.

For instance, if a user is shopping for a laptop with i5 processor and a 6GB RAM, the same device loaded with Windows 10 is being offered for $599. But if the same device and with the same configuration is being shopped with a preloaded Windows 8.1 OS, the minimum price is somewhere above $750.

Therefore, from Microsoft point of view, its dream to see an increased user base during this holiday season purchase may not turn true.

But still, the discount season has a long way to go and so let’s hope that the sales of Windows 10 devices will pick up in coming weeks.


Russia’s biggest data center to be nuclear powered!

Russia’s biggest data center which is under construction will be powered by a nuclear power plant in coming days. The Rosenergoatom power company is building the largest data center in Russia and plans to operate it by the end of 2017.

Kalinin Nuclear power station located about 200 kilometers North West of Moscow, will power the said data center with 80MW of power. When the data center becomes fully operational, it will house more than 10K server racks. The construction is projected to cost $975 million and a $640 million will be spent on IT Infrastructure.

Rosenergoatom Power Company has also reveled that only 10% of the servers will be used by its IT team and the rest will be available on lease.


Amazon offers unlimited storage for $5 a year as black Friday deal!

Amazon is offering an unlimited cloud storage offer for $5 as a black Friday deal. This limited period offer is just limited till Monday next week and after the said period; the company will roll back to original $60/ year for offering unlimited cloud storage.

The deal might attract Microsoft OneDrive users whose “unlimited storage” scheme to Office 365 subscribers was rolled back to 1TB storage last month.

Coming to the ongoing competition, Google Drives offers up to 15GB free storage and charges $99 for 1TB per year. OneDrive of Microsoft also offers such facility for a same price. Dropbox is yet to offer something attractive to hold its cloud storage customer base.

So, if you have a massive collection of files, then Amazon’s unlimited storage offer for just $5/year is extremely attractive.

However, there is no guarantee that the said cloud storage company will keep its word intact in future. The best instance is Microsoft’s unlimited cloud storage offer to Office 365 users which was withdrawn in October this year.

WiFi technology to be replaced by LiFi Technology soon!

Light Fidelity, shortly known as LiFi is all set to replace WiFi technology in near future. As per our media sources, researchers have achieved speeds in the lab of up to 224GB/sec transfer with LiFi. This means, users can download almost 12-15 HD content movies with just a blink of an eye.

LiFi is already being tested in Tallinn, Estonia and is said to have achieved speeds of up to 1GB/sec so far, which is more than 100 times the speed of traditional Wi-Fi.

It is estimated that by 2019, the world will be exchanging roughly around 35 quintillion bytes of information each month- all thanks to Internet of Things. As radio frequencies are restricted, Wifi will be the only option left to exchange data. But the speeds at which it can deliver data is not as per the expectations of changing trends.

This is where LiFi will act as a boon and to know how it works, please follow the next few lines of this article.

Like radio waves, visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The difference is that viable light has a spectrum 10,000 times larger than radio waves. This means LiFi has the potential for enormous capacity. Instead of transmitting information via one data stream, visible light would make it possible to transmit the same information using thousands of data streams simultaneously.

LiFi works by flashing LED lights on and off at incredibly fast speeds, sending data to a receiver in binary code. It’s essentially an ultra-fast version of turning your flashlight on and off to create ‘Morse’ code (which is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short signals of light or speed). The flashes occur so fast that they are not seen by the naked eye. All one need to do is fit a small microchip to every potential illumination device and this would then combine two basic functionalities — illumination and wireless data transmission.

In other words, the infrastructure is already there. The other good news is that we can use the LED bulbs we already have, with some tweaking.

So, get ready to experiment guys!

Microsemi buys PMC-Sierra for $2.5billion!

Microsemi Corporation which offers semiconductor mixed signal integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors to defense, security, aerospace, enterprise, medical and other industries is all set to buy PMC-Sierra for $2.5billion. PMC Sierra is a chip and software maker for networks storing big data.

In early October this year, Skyworks which also offers semiconductors for use in radio frequency and mobile communications offered a purchase deal worth $2 billion in cash to buy PMC. But the deal did not work out and finally, it was Microsemi which bagged the company for $2.5 billion.

Digging deep into the details, Microsemi agreed to acquire PMC for $9.22 in cash and 0.0771 of a share of Microsemi stock for each share of PMC, a 77 premium to the stock price on Sept. 30. The raised offer came after PMC-Sierra rejected Microsemi’s original offer of $8.75 in cash and 0.0736 of Microsemi stock for each share of PMC, representing a $2.4 billion transaction value

More details will be updated shortly!


Here are the best imperatives for Disaster Recovery planning!

Disasters can strike data centers without notice and the only thing which acts as a savior under these circumstances is a disaster recovery plan. And mind you, the absence of this plan can put data center revenue and customer satisfaction at high risk.

For instance, Vodafone’s data centre in Istanbul suffered a flash flood and as a result suffered a $1 million USD loss. Similarly, a transformer exploded inside the Canadian ISP Shaw’s data centre which fetched $3.4 million loss for just 30 minutes of downtime. And Go Daddy had a six-hour outage owing to bad data which resulted in huge losses for the web services provider. So, this proves that even the big company data centers are not immune to catastrophes.

Here’s where the five imperatives of disaster recovery planning come to rescue.

  • Failover quickly- If in case, a disaster strikes a data center, then with a proper DR planning, failover can be achieved from a second DR site in the blink of an eye provided the best technology is in place. And all that takes place in the background is isolated from customers. Just your IT data centre managers spot that the service previously running in data centre X now runs in the failover centre Y on the other side of state or region.
  • Maintaining notable visibility and control- When disaster strikes, you need a single, complete view of the DR process i.e. visibility into the end-to-end sequence of events that occurs between your primary data centre failing and the second site taking over. If you rely on manual processes, that visibility and control just isn’t there. Your knowledge is buried in a mass of manuals, dependencies written down somewhere on spreadsheets and complexity you just can’t cope with. This is where; an automated recovery helps in having the best visibility and control, which helps in quickly recovering the IT service. So, do keep this factor in mind while shopping for a DR plan.
  • Know how long the recovery will take- By knowing the recovery time one can always estimate the losses incurred in the period of downtime. This helps in taking additional steps of keeping essential services on run during a disaster to cut down losses, until the source of downtime is discovered.
  • Understand the root cause of the problem- It is better to have a plan which helps in identifying the root cause of downtime in an automated way. If you go for manual identification, then the actual problem can never be solved. For example, your IT service goes down. You fix what you believe to be the problem, only to find the service collapses later the same day. It transpires that the flood in your data centre not only hit the network server, it also corrupted the web server two racks down. So, automaton helps in fixing the services right from the root.
  • Test the DR plan on a regular note- It is better to test the DR plan on a regular note. This procedure ensures that if you smell smoke, you can make the decision to move to a secondary site and maintain the same levels of confidentiality and integrity while maintaining availability using temporary facilities. It also helps in giving you enough time to solve the issue without much loss.

Now, if you are in a confused state of where to start from to have a Disaster recovery plan…? Don’t worry!

DNF Corporation will be at your service. Dynamic Network Factory (DNF) will offer you an efficient insurance policy against disaster disruption by implementing a business continuity plan in place.

By seeking DR planning services from DNF, organizations can benefit in various ways:

  • Access top-quality expertise in flexible and cost-effective ways
  • Minimize and manage risk better with dashboard and expert updates
  • Maximize restructuring & reduce control operating costs by outsourcing non-core functions
  • Leverage an innovative culture, dedicated to precise IT engineering

So, what are you waiting for? Please visit DNF Contact Us page to begin with


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