Gartner predicts the presence of 26 billion devices in the ‘Internet of Things’ by 2020

Gartner, a globally recognized research firm dealing with technological innovations and businesses has come up with a prediction recently. The American Information Technology Research and Advisory firm has projected that by the year 2020; around 26 billion devices will make “Internet of Things” a definitive source. The Connecticut based firm assures that this large number of sensors and device connections will surely open up an array of business opportunities to data centers and companies that address that market.

Gartner predicts that around $300 billion revenue will be racked up by vendors and service providers which rely on internet till the specified period.

For those who are interested in knowing what “Internet of Things” is in simple terms, here is a definitive answer. This buzz worth term is nothing but to define a vast array of Internet enabled gadgets and remote sensors connected to web. It also relates the IT systems and services that enable organizations to collect, store, manage and analyze the vast amounts of data generated from billions of devices.

Gartner’s research also reveals that data center operators will feel the impact on a more propounding note. And that is due to the fact that it will not be an easy task to technically and economically transfer massive amounts of input data into their entirety which is a central processing location.

Joe Skorupa, Vice President of Garter has come up with a solution and that is to distribute the data into multiple small mini datacenters, where initial processing can occur and then relevant data can be pushed to a central site for additional processing.

However, one area which needs a fresh approach will be to look into the needs of data center network. Gartner argues that current data center bandwidths are sized in such a way that they can moderately cater to the needs of human interactions with applications. But when billions of devices need to interact a bandwidth increase of atleast 1000 times from present becomes truly essential.

For this reason, Gartner wants the data center heads to look into these issues in time and come up with an apt solution in next couple of years. The research firm also insists on revamping of present data center design and architecture by 2018, in order to reduce the complexity and boost of on-demand capacity to deliver reliability and business continuity.

But with so much prediction going on about Internet of Things” will consumer privacy remain intact in this commotion? Hmmmm…..hard to predict. Isn’t it?

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