VMware vs Hyper V- which is best?

Virtualization is becoming a data center norm and that’s due to the fact that IT trends like backup and storage are emerging at the speed of light. As per Gartner’s latest research, 86 percent of all server workloads in data centers operating worldwide are virtualized. So, all this suggests one thing that those dealing with Virtualization and offering services and products related to it have a bright future ahead.

For those who are stuck with the debate of VMware or Hyper V, this article will help find out which offers the best in the world.

According to Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant Report, VMware is ruling the Virtualization market with its super tailored products like vSphere which is truly a champ in simplifying x86 server architecture by sophistication. System admins can highly depend on this Hypervisor to take on demanding workloads, effortlessly hoist them into the cloud, and intelligently adapt to the most challenging IT environments. Gartner reports that VMware is a bit flashy, but its product like vSphere still scores high marks in the area of customer satisfaction.

When it comes to Microsoft’s Hyper-V, the product first emerged into the market with Windows Server 2008 and continues to have prominence in Microsoft Server 2012 R2. Truly speaking, the product has a lot of similarities with VMware with the ability to induce true power to 64-bit computing. So, to those environments which run windows only infrastructure, Hyper V will prove as a good bet.

When price factor is taken into account, knowing which hypervisor is a better value for your data center is not always clear cut. Though, price list tells us a different story, both vendors negotiate price discounts with customers to edge out the competition.

For those IT departments shifting their gaze to cloud, VMware and Hyper V comparisons should also include private cloud management. Otherwise, you won’t get the most bang out of your investment.

Generally, there is a notion in the market that Hyper V is being offered at a cheaper rate than vSphere. To a certain extent this is true as Hyper V negotiates enterprise agreements and offers package deals to gain market share. However, costs and Virtualization features change as data center scales up.

So, is VMware a true leader in Virtualization?

With containers on the rise and hybrid cloud making more sense than ever, even Hyper V may have something more to offer than VMware.

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