Computers servers are now heating homes!

Cold country populace will need heating solutions in order to keep their indoors warm and livable. A Netherlands based startup called Nerdalize, wants to heat homes with computer server systems, thus, cutting down the costs and needs for heating solutions. It might sound a bit odd, but currently, this practice is in testing phase in few of the homes surrounding the company in the said region.

Nerdalize has already started to put some of those computing systems in homes, and is using the excess heat to provide warmth to the occupants. This heat is otherwise wasted, but with the intelligence of Nerdalize engineers, it is being put to good use.

The business process is as follows- Homeowners will get a leasing of mini residential computing systems from Nerdalize. Enterprise businesses buy the computing resources and Nerdalize takes in money, which it also shares with the homeowners. Nerdalize says its computing power can be up to 55% cheaper than what competitors offer.

A Nerdalize heater is sort of like a radiator, but it contains high-performance servers instead of hot water. These servers generate enough heat that the radiator emits it and provides warmth to a home. Nerdalize pays for the electricity to run the servers, and the homeowner gets the heat.

Eneco- one of the largest energy suppliers in Netherlands, is currently partnering with Nerdalize in order to provide e-radiators to homes there. The strategy of these business partners seems to be very sensible in that it saves money by placing computing resources in existing structures, rather than having to build new ones, or refurbish old ones.

At some point of time, when this project gets into matured phase, Nerdalize is planning to power its heater/computing systems with the solar panels fixed on the homeowners roof.

However, industry analysts feel that these sort of solutions may not work in enterprise business environments as it will fuel concerns regarding privacy, security and integrity in cloud computing world.

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