EBay becomes first US firm to store data on Russian Servers!

US firm EBay becomes the first company to store data on Russian servers. Generally, businesses which originate in United States do not show interest in having any kind of business tie-ups (except sales) with Russia and China.

But EBay- the world’s largest online marketplace, as well as its payment subsidiary PayPal has announced plans to meet Russian Legal requirements and set-up servers in Russia, in order to abide by a new personal data law.

The law, which comes into force on September 1st, 2015; was passed in 2014 and requires foreign internet companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook to keep data on Russian citizens inside the country.

EBay is already working on transferring data from Switzerland to Russia and may give it a physical shape by the end of mid 2015.

Currently, a big portion of personal data belonging to Russian citizens is held on foreign servers, as in the US.

Lawmakers believe the data will be more secure on Russian soil, safe from US spy programs like PRISM.

Russia has been ramping up cyber security issues as high amount of data leaks become more and more frequent.

In September 2014, more than 5 million logins and passwords were stolen from Google.

Representatives from eBay and Russia’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, met on Friday April 3 according to Vladimir Dolgov, the head of eBay Russia.

Though, it was the first formal meeting of government representatives, most of the issues on unite were finalized.

EBAY was technically trying to receive some answers to a number of questions concerning the personal data law that will come into effect from September 1st, this year. The company is also looking into legal stipulations which prevent its US users from suing it due to privacy concerns, if in-case this data migration policy turns real .

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