Kim Dotcom leaks out more details on MegaNet!

Kim Dotcom the owner of banned file hosting service MegaUpload and the current cloud service Mega is all set to come with an internet alternative named MegaNet. Kim, who is now the most wanted cyber fugitive of USA, after NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, offered few more details about the upcoming project, including its Structure and privacy protections on Thursday this week.

Kim revealed that his new internet alternative will be free from IP addresses, as it will have Unique Codes that identify a particular device online. This means that the device cannot be hacked and will use a new, faster form of blockchain to exchange data.

Kim Dotcom specified that MegaNet will be a decentralized internet means that it will be “From the People, for the People”.

During an online videoconference addressing the media, Dotcom confirmed that MegaNet would initially rely on the existing physical internet infrastructure as a “dumb pipe”. Kim Dotcom said that he and his team are working on creating a new layer of encryption that will run through all digital communications, no matter which tool is used.

MegaNet will depend on smart phones and when a user installs the MegaNet app on their smart phone in future, they could allow MegaNet to use their smart phones processing power and storage when it’s idle. For those who are concerned about bandwidth, Kim Dotcom said that bandwidth will only be accessed if the phone was on Wi-Fi, so the user is not charged for overage by their service provider. If the app is installed on 100 million smart phones, then MegaNet app will be a serving more online storage capacity, bandwidth and calculating power that the top 10 largest websites in the world in combined format.

Kim Dotcom said that the new internet will be available by early next year and will be presented to the world along with a chat service named MegaChat.

Meanwhile, early this week, the court in New Zealand has told Kim Dotcom that an extradition hearing won’t be stopped, according to the local media outlets. As a result of this decision, a much delayed decision on whether to send Dotcom to the United States to face trial could be coming soon.

The Mega upload founder is being charged by the Fed (USA) government with criminal copyright infringement and racketeering for his part in a digital enterprise that amassed 180 million users allegedly on the back of pirated movies, TV shows and music.

Dotcom has been in New Zealand since he was indicted in January 2012. From then on, Kim is creating media buzz for offering different web services. The latest happens to be MegaChat and MegaNet.


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