Get a Stinger Levitator Medical COW for just $200!

Healthcare industry has gone digital in the past 5 years and so those dealing or involved with the industry are insisting having computers on wheels (COW) in every organization supporting healthcare services in order to take technology for a spin. Therefore, OnSaleGuru offers Stinger Levitator Medical Cow for just $200.

A new medical cow is available for a minimum price tag of $650. But OnSaleGuru is offering it for just $200 and that means it is being offered for a flat 68% discount.

Technically speaking, the Stinger Levitator Medical COW available on the said website is a used product. Click on the above link to get a glimpse of it. But it is in a good condition and has on-board batteries to support the computing operations of the laptop used by healthcare professionals.

The $200 Stinger Levitator Medical COW offers purported benefits of mobility, usability, and processor speed o healthcare professionals and makes their job more efficiently when entering patient data, gaining access to patients’ electronic medical records, reviewing lab results or radiology reports, checking drug compatibility, and other “charting” tasks.

As a result, paper documentation gets eliminated and tracking down of patient’s record gets simpler, as the entered data can be transferred to a centralized storage like an IP SAN or NAS for higher availability and data continuity purposes. Time is saved, improved work efficiency can be observed, improved care is visible, and the ability to create a more accurate patient record is possible.

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So, what are you waiting for? Login to and start using its services ASAP.


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