Seagate launches 8TB NAS hard drives!

Seagate has launched 8TB dedicated hard drives for NAS Manufactures, SMBs and creative professionals. Although, it is not the largest capacity drive which Seagate has released so far, the company claims that it the largest ever NAS optimized drive.

The company has exclusively tagged that the 8TB NAS drive is for small and medium sized businesses, small office/home offices and for creative professionals.

As the drive has a large storage capacity, businesses will require fewer drives and subsequently fewer expensive enclosures to meet their data storage needs.

Seagate’s new 8TB drives are designed for tower enclosures with one to eight bays, delivering up to 64TB in a single eight-bay desktop form factor.

Getting into the specifications further, Seagate 8TB NAS Drive has a MTBF of 1 million hours and is being offered with a three year warranty. Moreover, it has a 180TB per year workload rate limit and is being offered by three year rescue data recovery service to protect against potential data loss.

Currently, Seagate has shipped its 8TB NAS drive to select companies which have been its patrons from years. This includes Asustor, QNAP, Synology, and Thecus. And all the said companies have issued a compatibility certificate to the product after using it in their product-line.

Seagate 8TB NAS hard disk drive price is still under wraps and will be available from 2Q of 2016 on a commercial note.


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