Hard drives capacity to reach 14TB soon!

Helium filled hard drive makers like Seagate and Western Digital are planning to offer 14TB capacity filled drives by mid next year. Storage research firm TrendFocus has revealed this news and said that competition with SSD makers is driving the HDD makers to come up with high capacity solutions sooner than expected.

Till date, hard drive makers were standing on top of solid state drive makers when it comes to capacity vs. price point. But early this year, Samsung released worlds first SSD with 15TB capacity. The company also promised to deliver a 20TB flash by this year end.

Hard drive makers are now feeling the pinch of offering high capacity drives to the storage market- especially to the cloud storage market. The big brands like WD and Seagate are planning to offer 14TB drives by mid next year. They are planning to pin in seven platters in the drive chassis which can hold 1.5TB of data each, and holding a capacity of 14TB by next year.

The inclusion of Singled magnetic recording technology will facilitate a further boost in capacity making 18TB drives available by 2018.

Industry analysts feel that flash drive makers will probably reach 30TB capacity goal by then. However, when it comes to cost part hard drives will definitely stand out in a better position than the flash disks.

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