Dropbox offers exclusive cloud storage plan for schools

Dropbox has launched an exclusive cloud storage plan dubbed ‘Dropbox Education’ for schools in United States. As per the new storage plan, schools have to pay $50 per user in order to get a storage capacity of 15GB. That means a school with 200 Dropbox Education users will get a total storage pool of 3.0TB to share.

Previously, Dropbox used to offer the same storage plan for $150 to $300 per user on monthly basis. But now as a part of an initiative taken up by the IP Storage provider, the company is offering education at slashed rates. The move could give the company a bigger foothold in the lucrative education market. From past few years, Dropbox is working hard to expand its business beyond a large base of free consumer users.

So, will the service prove lucrative from customers POV?

Well, not at all says our StorageServers survey.

That’s because, most of the schools already pay for a productivity suite like Microsoft Office 365(used throughout the world) or other Google Apps offering huge amounts of storage and so might not show interest in Dropbox Education plan.


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