Negative effects of Electronic Waste!

Electronic waste also called as e waste is nothing but any and all electronic items needed to be disposed. This includes computing devices such as tablets, iPads, PCs, laptops, televisions and all home appliances. In recent years, as technology continued to advance the amount of e-waste produced has also doubled up.

A recent report from United Nations Environment Program(UNEP) found that 90 percent of e-waste is being illegally dumped or traded. Thence illegal dumping is leading to release of toxic materials which are causing negative affects not only on mankind, but also on flora and fauna.

Some of the toxic materials which are affecting Mother Nature in a negative way are

Lead- Environmentalists all over the world claim that the presence of lead in electronic wastes such as television, PC monitors and LEDs can cause serious diseases related to brain, kidney, reproductive system and entire nervous system. Specifically speaking, lead in the environment disrupts the natural functions of water and soil systems.

Mercury- Mercury has a toxic affect on both human and environment health. A small amount of it exists in CFLs, televisions and in refrigeration units. When the said e-waste is dumped into the landfills and water bodies the elemental form of mercury gets easily transferred into local environments. When combined with organics, anaerobic breakdown takes place and this causes production of highly toxic methyl mercury.

Cadmium- Cadmium causes cancer to humans and when comes in contact with environment, it rapidly degrades the health of the soil causing flow of effects to local ecosystems. When the electronic waste containing cadmium burns, it releases a lethal gas which on prolonged exposure causes lung failure.

Brominated flame retardants- When ewaste is oxidized during smelting, bromine gets released. The released bromine when combines with unoxidized carbon, it becomes brominated dioxins and furans which cause lethal effects on flora and fauna.

Beryllium- A chronic lung disorder is caused when humans inhale beryllium or beryllium containing dust, mist or fume. This causes lung disorder called beryllicosis in susceptible persons, and beryllium is a probable human carcinogen.

Arsenic- Arsenic is already classified as Carcinogen and can prove as a serious hazard to mankind.

Polyvinyl chloride– When PVC components of electronic products are sent to landfills, hazardous chemical additives (like phthalates) release into air. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. It can affect reproductive organs and might affect their development or work functions.

Laptops, PCs, tablets, phablets and other computing devices contain a meager amount of the said toxics. When they meet their end of life, people simply throw them into rivers, or burns them irresponsibly in open spaces. Imagine if tones of e-waste is either dumped into the river or is burnt in open spaces. All the toxics will not only affect our humans, but will also show deadly affect on flora and fauna.

Hence, be responsible and handover your electronic waste to responsible EPA approved e-waste recyclers who are active in your area.

DNF Recycling, a business unit of DNF Corporation has proven as an electronic recycler and asset management company from more than a decade or so. The company’s objective is to mainly focus on technology disposal and offer to its customers a hassle-free experience.

DNF offers a one-stop solution for recycling your old equipment through hassle free 5 step process. On an additional note, DNF Recycling offers to its customers a credit for buying new components or electronics.

Note- the credit will depend on stipulations benchmarked by DNF.

For more details click on DNF Recycling web page.

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