Deep Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Integrated System

Azure Stack is bringing the Azure services into your datacenter, into those solutions on-premise, into your hardware. You can take your workloads and deploy them in Azure, you can take those workloads and deploy them on-premise and Azure Stack, move them back and forth for dev. and test and/or various regulatory reasons. With Azure stack you can run IaaS services including Docker integrated Linux containers, virtual machines and blob/table Azure Cloud Storage.

Azure Stack is a complete solution with support solutions from Microsoft’s azure and Azure OAM partners so it is not just a hand-off from one vendor to the other making sure that you get the right support.

Azure Stack Integrated System

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This is a full life cycle of services that come together to form Azure Stack Integrated System. It’s not just how do you install the software and you leave and forget it.

Azure Stack’s Architecture, Hardware and Topology

Obviously, first, we go through and think about what the architecture should be, what are the underpinnings of the hardware, windows server and all the services on top of that.

That really has to come together to deliver the scale, performance and availability for you as the customer to run Azure Cloud Services on top of that.

Deployment & Configuration of the Azure Stack

Azure works with OEM partners, they engage with customers to understand how they deploy services in the data center and making sure that they can accommodate, essentially the variety of environments, configurations and the needs for what the customer and the provider are putting together.


Validation is a big piece of what Azure does obviously for their own software, but it also works with hardware partners to ensure that they get the right feature and function out of the hardware components all the way from HPA’s, nix, storage devices, servers, network switches through the whole stack. You can be assured that when you’re getting an integrated system, that those components have come together and have individually been tested as a whole as that overall solution.

Rest of the Azure stack integrated System’s life cycle components are reviewed here.


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